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We have a proven track record in:  • Creating Websites That Convert  • SEO & PPC  • Custom Software Applications  • AI Chatbots
• E-Learning Systems  • Custom CMS's  • Hacking Recovery & Prevention  • Adwords, Analytics & WordPress Training.
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By their nature, our bespoke Content Management Systems are much harder to exploit than commmercial CMS's, as hackers are unable to see how they're built. Additionally, some of the websites we produce include no programming at all, which is the main way a hacker is able to attack a website. Contact us to learn more and for a demo.


Take a look here for more examples of our websites and custom applications.

About Us

Interact-IT are a full service web development and marketing agency based in Chorley, Lancashire. With over 20 years experience, we have identified and delivered effective solutions and marketing strategies to a wide range of clients. We understand the need to ‘get inside’ your business to deliver bespoke applications and provide marketing solutions that generate measurable results. At the end of the day, our reputation is based on yours – that’s why so many of our clients have worked with us for such a long time.

Why Choose Interact-IT?

  • Over 20 years experience
  • Experts in building secure websites
  • Highly qualified team
  • Friendly and jargon free
  • Clear pricing structure

Google Partners

We are official Google partners. Contact us to appraise your Adwords account FREE of charge.

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PHP web development

PHP Programming

We’re more than comfortable using a number of technologies and programming languages and have a wide range of experience across the related fields within our company, but we mainly use PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux (collectively known as LAMP).

MySQL development

MySQL Development

Utilising and developing PHP/MySQL code doesn’t require entering into any expensive licensing contracts. Because we have in house experts we can custom develop databases and Web applications with PHP and MySQL.

JQuery customisation in Chorley

JQuery Customisation

JQuery is the programming that we use to make things move, pop up and transition across your website. We can help create or fix many issues on websites that can occur on a website with JQuery sections.


Simple Pricing Structure | Hassle Free | Detailed Progress Reports

  • No minimum contract
  • Improve your website structure
  • Get noticed organically
  • Only £180/month + VAT
  • Monthly report provided
  • Site analysis & key term audit


Darren and Billy
Darren and Billy at work
Tom at work
Darren Reading UNIX book
Tom & Kyle
Debbie dog
Jennie & Tony chatting
Kermit the Web Developer
Kyle and Darren in Star wars t-shirts
Tom busy at work

Our Amazing Team

Our friendly team are here to help you with whatever query you may have, be it about a standard website, through to complex programming languages and online marketing solutions. We are in a unique position in having a highly qualified skill set ‘in-house’ to provide real solutions for your requirements. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

Darren Bentham, Managing director of Interact-it Chorley

Darren Bentham

Managing Director

Darren is the technical brains behind the business. He has spent 20 years working in web design & development and the Online Marketing industry.

Primarily a web development and site build specialist, he’s also skilled in online marketing, analyics, seo & training. Having worked for numerous Internet and Digital Marketing Agencies since 1996.

Billy Martin, Marketing Manager at Interact-IT, Chorley

Billy Martin

Online Marketing Manager

Billy is our Online Marketing specialist, and is a fully qualified Google Professional in both Google Analytics and Adwords, helping us gain Google partner status.

Billy spends many hours each month on SEO, PPC and social media marketing projects and works with clients to ensure that the websites we build are fully optimised for search engines and different internet browsers.

Kyle Iddon, developer at Interact-IT, Chorley

Kyle Iddon

Web Developer

Kyle is a developer here at Interact-IT and works to create bespoke systems & solutions. With a keen eye for detail and excellent problem solving skills Kyle will ensure every part of your project is bug free.

Kyle has taken responsibility for installing and configuring numerous E-commerce and WordPress websites. He has also successfully passed the Google Adwords & Shopping exam.

Thomas Willmoth, junior developer at Interact-IT, Chorley

Thomas Willmoth

Junior Web Developer

Our Junior Developer, Thomas is quickly learning the ropes here at Interact-IT. His interest in web technology has given him a good starting point and from day one he has been able to get stuck into real projects.

Since working for Interact-IT, Thomas has shadowed the team in order to gain knowledge in multiple sectors of the business, from Adwords to complex systems making him an essential and thriving member of the team.

Jennie Bentham, Director of Interact-IT in Chorley

Jennie Bentham


Jennie likes to get hands-on with project management and client liaison together with managing the day-to-day running of the office.

Her background of working for 10 years in further education and local government as an ICT Lecturer and Trainer has stood her in good stead for understanding client’s needs and translating the technical talk into normal language.

Debbie Bentham, Dog of Interact-IT in Chorley

Debbie Dog

Office Dog

Debbie is a crucial, loving and fun member of the team here at Interact-IT responsible for brightening up the office.

Debbie is responsible for tasks such as chasing tennis balls as well as greeting clients with a friendly hello. The office is always a fun and loving place when Debbie is around.