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In depth Adwords training tailored for you

1-2-1 & Group Adwords Training

Google Adwords plays a critical role in thousands of businesses marketing plans, yet there are a high amount of campaigns that are operating at a loss due to the missed opportunities that are available yet not known about, or taken up.

Our Adwords team at Interact-IT are highly skilled and experienced at getting the most out of all Adwords campaigns, using the best, most up to date techniques aimed at targeting the most qualified visitors that are likely to perform a desirable action on your website, for the lowest cost possible.

Learning how to use your Adwords campaigns effectively will not only save you money by optimising your budget, but will also increase your profits by targeting the audiences that are the most likely engage with your services.

Like a website, different Adwords accounts have different needs. We have created and managed all different types of campaign. From Search network only to Remarketing campaigns and Display select keywords campaigns, meaning that we are exceptionally well placed to help you get the most out of your campaigns by teaching you the techniques that we have found work best.


This Adwords training course is aimed at people who either have an Adwords account set up for less than 1 year, or are thinking of creating and managing their own account.

If you are already familiar with Google Adwords, and would consider your knowledge above ‘beginner’ you may be better served with a more advanced training course that we can custom design for your needs.

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Course Programme

IPPC Adwords Overview

  • How Adwords can work best for you.
  • Compare Google Adwords against other paid search providers – Facebook, Twitter, Bing etc.
  • Know the difference between search, display and re-marketing campaigns
  • How Adwords and SEO can work together.
  • How keywords, Ad’s and your website work together

Setting Up Adwords

  • Creating an Adwords account and setting up your first campaign.
  • Choosing the best type of campaign for you.
  • Setting campaign budgets.
  • Creating ad’s and keyword lists.
  • Setting keyword bids to meet marketing targets.

Adwords Marketing Strategy

  • Setting your goals and targets.
  • Understanding your audience and who to target.
  • How to find the best keywords for your campaigns.

Optimising Existing Adwords Account

  • How to improve your quality score and ad rank.
  • Getting the most out of ad extensions.
  • A/B testing with ad variations.
  • Search reports and negative keyword lists
  • Keyword bid adjustments.
  • Landing page optimisation.
  • How to use Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to improve your Adwords account.
  • Analysis or implementation of conversion tracking