Bespoke Excel Replacement Software

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Bespoke Excel Replacement Software

Easily one of the most essential software programmes in the toolbox of any business, Excel is used to manage, organise, analyse and visualise data.

However, because Excel is mostly used by individual users on different computers, it can be difficult for users to access their vital documents from anywhere, or for multiple users to edit a document at the same time. Emailing files back and forth in order to collaborate with a team can get confusing, and no one is sure which version of a document is the correct one. When a mistake is made, no one wants to own up, and there is no way of telling who made the error. Also, employees can be sat around waiting to enter data onto a document, as there is another user currently making changes to it. All in all, it is no longer the most efficient software for a growing business.

We Can Create A Bespoke Excel Replacement

Here at Interact IT, we can create bespoke Excel replacement software that is designed specifically with your business in mind. This software is so unique to your company that it does not currently exist, we build it just for you. It can be used for any industry or purpose, and can be expanded in any direction you want. Unlike Excel, your custom built software will never be out of date. It is perfect for a growing business, as we can make any changes you need to cope with future expansion. So if you realise that you need additional functionality in a year or two, we can add that when the time comes.

Changes to documents can be tracked to identify which user has made a particular modification (or error!) Multiple users will be able to edit any document simultaneously, so no more sitting around and waiting, saving your business time and money.

Never again will you panic about your Excel licence expiring. After paying a one-off cost for us to build your software, it will be yours forever, with no licence renewal required, and you can have as many users as you want.

Our Excel Replacement Software Can Save You Countless Man Hours

Our custom Excel replacement software has saved businesses countless man hours. We analyse the processes of your business, address the challenges it faces and formulate ways to automate them. This saves valuable time, increases efficiency, improves accuracy and relieves operational stress all at the same time.

It is the perfect solution for project management systems, e-learning systems, booking systems, distribution systems, optimising manufacturing processes and achieving accurate business projections. In fact, there are so many business models that could benefit hugely from our custom software, that no matter what your industry or requirement, there is probably a way we can help you.

In summary, our custom Excel replacement software will:

  • Never be out of date.
  • Have no licence expiration to worry about.
  • Have a one off charge to build the software, with no further charges.
  • Be able to cope with the expansion of your business over time.
  • Enable many users to edit documents simultaneously.
  • Holds individuals accountable for their errors.
  • Increase the efficiency of your business.

If this sounds like it could be useful for your business, then call us for an informal chat about your requirements.