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Google Adwords Partner In Lancashire

Interact-IT are proud to say we are one of only a few companies in Lancashire that are official Google partners, and are able to advertise on the Google partners network. To get this partner status, we had to complete thorough examinations to be sure we knew all about the Adwords system, as well as have enough real time experience at managing accounts.

On it’s own, or hand in hand with an SEO campaign, Google Adwords can deliver the highly targeted visitors your website needs.

Targeted Visitors

Google AdWords can be a phenomenally effective advertising tool, allowing advertisers to pull in highly targeted traffic, at a competitive cost, from all over the world. In inexperienced hands, it can be a waste of time and money due to the learning curve involved in creating an effective AdWords campaign.

Adwords Experience

Interact-IT staff have been working with Google Adwords since 2005. Our Adwords management services allow our clients to reap the benefits of the Adwords marketing system, with lower costs, better results, finer targeting, improved ROI and increased profits. Having worked on some of Europe’s largest Campaigns, as well as some of the smallest, we are more than happy to work with any size budget.

We have in our portfolio a wide variety of industries including retail, music, entertainment, engineering, travel, industrial, design, technology and more.

We manage all aspects of your Google Adwords account. We start by identifying the aims of your campaign and your target audience, and from there manage the keywords, match options, bids, budgets, advertisements and tracking on an ongoing basis. Reporting throughout, so you know where your money is being spent.

Search, Display, Shopping & Remarketing Campaigns

We have years of experience in all different types of Adwords campaigns, and can help deliver the maximum amount of site visitors at the best possible price.

Many times the type of campaign that has been set up is not correct for the type of advertising that is needed. This in itself can be a budget blower! Our experienced Google professionals can help determine the best campaign for you and get you set up correct straight away.

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