AI Chatbot

Automated, intelligent sales advisor working on your site 24 hours a day.

How an AI chatbot can help you
All day, every day
An AI chatbot is active on your site all day everyday! The intelligent chatbot design helps people navigate around your site finding content and products quickly. The effectivness of good navigation is a proven factor in increasing leads and sales.
Ongoing learning
The longer the AI chatbot is active on your site the more data it gathers and can learn from peoples searches and intent. This data can be used to continuously improve the functionality of the chatbot and improve interactions.
Your specific business.
The AI chatbot is not an application straight off the shelf and thrown on your website. We specify different questions and website flows based on your unique website. This personalisation and website knowledge can make all the difference.
Better leads.
Once a visitor has interacted with the chatbot, the data is recorded and sent to your sales teams. This can prove to be a valuable insight into the way a user interacts and provides a more specific sales enquiry. This allows you to adjust the chat bot to be more effective if neccessary.

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