Google Analytics

Having the ability to measure the performance of your website (good or bad) is a valuable insight in to the behaviour of your users and the actions that you can take to improve both the user journey and, ultimately, your ROI.

Visitor monitoring.
Google Analytics allows you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and how your website is working as a marketing tool. Without measurement everything becomes guess work.
Sales flow and problem pages.
There may be issues on your website that people are finding and then deciding to look elsewhere. Google Analytics can help find pages on the website where people are encountering a 'choking point' and leaving.
Track Conversions.
All marketing should be driven by the results that they deliver. Tracking a conversion - be that a sale or a lead is a simple process in Google Analytics to track, monitor & analyse using the data to then improve results.
Ingegrating other platforms such as Adwords or Mailchimp email campaigns is made easy with Google Analytics. Finding out your exact cost per sale, or how many emails where acted upon, all in one place is a vital time saver.
Google Analytics

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