Interact It believe there should be a transparancy to websites and marketing platforms and are happy to teach you the best ways to get the most out of your marketing efforts

Training sectors
WordPress training.
With the popularity of wordpress as the CMS of choice there is big demand to know how to get the most out of WordPress. Our WordPress teachers have years of experience and can help you understand and develop the WordPress website that you need.
SEO training.
Getting your website up in search results is paramount to having a successful website. There are different ways of doing this which Interact IT can help with instruction and training.
Joomla training.
Joomla is a CMS that powers many websites, however, there may be many features of this system that are not being used to their capacity. We can custom design a training program based soley on the website you will be working on regardless of your knowledge of Joomla.
Adwords training.
Adwords is a great function that pretends to be simple to use, when in reality there are nuances to the system that need tweaking to get the most out of the budget. Interact IT can teach you the ins and outs of Adwords to get more vists, sales and leads.

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