WordPress web design

WordPress is the most popular CMS for most websites. The ease of use and powerfull interface is a driving factor for the popularity of WordPress.

Is a WordPress website right for you?
Easy content changing.
Changing the content on pages of your website is made an easy task with WordPress. This removes the need to call your web developer and run up costly bills to change a few words on a web page.
Simple design changes.
WordPress works on a templating system with thousands of pre made designs ready to change the look of your website. Fancy a change? get a new theme, install it and away you go!
Additional functionality.
There is a 'plugin' area on WordPress which is essentially a library of apps to 'plug-in' functionality. Need a contact form? No problem, there is a plugin. Need an image gallery? No problem there is a plugin. The limit is your imagination.
Easy blogging.
Adding a blog onto a WordPress website is simple, quick and easy. Blogging allows you to write about your business and related news topics to keep the website active and up to date.

Our process

Step 1 - Getting to know you.

Getting to know you

The first step in the process is getting to know you, your business and what you want to achieve with a website, if WordPress is the correct fit and how it can suit your requirements.

Step 2 - Theme design

Theme design

Once we have decided that WordPress is the correct decision for you, we can begin choosing and developing a framework that best displays your content and functionality.

Step 3 - Content development

Content development

Once there is content ready to go on the site, there may be images that need manipulating in software such as photoshop, and text content to add to the WordPress framework

Step 4 - Analytics and search console.

Analytics and search console

Once everything is ready, we can add tracking systems in place so that we can monitor the traffic coming to the site and how the site performs in search engines.

Step 5 - Testing and training.

Testing and training

We thoroughly test the site to make sure everything is ready to go. You will receive training on how to use your website so that you are able to keep it updated.

Step 6 - Go live.

Go live!

That's it! Once we are happy and you have signed the site off we will now be ready to publish the website live to the internet. We will monitor the website and answer and questions or queries.

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